Town of Pine Level
November 7, 2022
Pine Level
Job Type
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Education Requirements
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Street Address
306 East Brown Street


Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Duties and Tasks

Works with the Mayor and Council to develop consensus on a clear vision of the future of the community and the organization; coordinates and works with the Mayor and Council on planning and policy development to put this vision into effect for Town services; keeps Mayor and Council informed on all issues that affect them and have significant impact on the Town.

Manages and supervises the Town government staff; works with them to establish long and short range goals and ensure effectiveness and efficiency of services provided; communicates organizational mission, vision and goals as established by elected officials and Administrator and helps staff enhance these goals and implement programs consistent with them; builds a strong team among staff with energy and a cohesive vision.

Serves as budget developer for the Town; balances budget, seeks innovative methods of stewardship and new revenue sources; makes professional and realistic recommendations for expenditures of Town's funds; manages Town resources including budget, facilities, equipment, technology, etc.; oversees and/or performs grant development and administration.  Responsible for the maintenance of a central double entry journal accounting system for the Town government in a manner consistent with established and accepted municipal accounting principles and practices and in sufficient detail to produce adequate cost, financial and statistical data for management purposes and to meet statutory requirements.

Maintains accountability for the hiring, training, performance management, retention, and separation of all Town employees; supervises the establishment of a modern human resource management program for the Town; staffs the organization with qualified and highly productive employees; directs and monitors systems of employee communication, motivation, reward, compensation, training and development, performance coaching and evaluation to insure high levels of retention and performance excellence.

Provides and manages the provision of professional and technical advice to Council on policy, planning, and legal matters; researches and makes recommendations to Council on new programs, services, and initiatives; develops economic development and revitalization strategies based on locally and regionally-developed priorities to generate jobs, help retain existing jobs, and stimulate industrial and commercial growth.

            Coordinates and works with staff in ensuring policies, laws, and ordinances are workable, enforced, and fairly and consistently implemented.

            Oversees the operational management of public works and utilities for the Town; ensures effective land use planning and development for the Town to maximize natural resources; oversees the development and implementation of recreational and other leisure services, arts and quality of life facilities and programming; oversees programs and services to ensure the public safety of the community.        

            Meets with and speaks with community groups, citizens, and other public agencies about specific programs, services, policies, and other issues as needed; responds in a timely fashion to citizen concerns and requests; establishes and maintains effective communications with media to keep citizens informed about the Town's programs and progress.

Cooperates with other governmental units as necessary to provide professional and effective services to the citizens (State, transportation, county, neighboring cities, etc.); crafts and reviews inter-local agreements for various services.

            Researches and recommends policies; implements administrative procedures as necessary to provide for consistency and guidance of staff and service management.

Demonstrates leadership and sound decision making skills in emergency and controversial situations; leads in finding collaborative resolutions to conflicts.

Submits periodic progress reports, annual status of goals achieved, financial statements and other reports to the Town Council.

            Maintains current knowledge of management and municipal trends, laws and issues; maintains modern public administration knowledge and skills.

            Represents the Town positively with a wide variety of people, business, governments and organizations.

Additional Job Duties

Performs related duties as required.

Salary Range $70,000-$80,000         

Dependent upon education, experience and qualifications


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