My Kid’s Club

  • 311 W. Richardson St (behind Selma Elementary School)
  • November 15, 2021
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Sarah Sheraski
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The mission of My Kid’s Club (MKC) serving Johnston County is to encourage and empower youth to grow in character and understanding through studies and opportunities for academic success, civic engagement, and habits that underscore healthy living to achieve their potential as responsible and caring citizens.

My Kid’s Club supports the intellectual, creative, and social-emotional development of Johnston County’s underserved elementary, middle, and high school members. We enable these young people to navigate school successfully and prepare optimistically for a lifetime of learning, career success, and community involvement, and create partnerships with parents to empower their children’s achievements.

We believe children underachieve not because they lack potential but because they cannot access the same opportunities, experiences, and support as adequately-resourced children. In short, we are not born smart; we ‘grow’ smart. MKC delivers programming to more than 200 students ages 6-16 years, designed to help them learn the skills and attitudes they need to grow academically, succeed in their chosen career, and give back to the community.

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